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In recent years, telemedicine has entered mainstream medicine and is now part of the health-care solution for those with busy schedules or lack of mobility. DockedIn provides a convenient, faster and affordable way for accessing such telehealth services.

You do not have to sit in a waiting room full of sick patients or pay top dollar at an urgent care clinic or for an emergency room visit just because your primary care doctor is not available. You can even obtain a second opinion.

DockedIn has simplified it for you and provides access to a medical provider via online video consultations using wireless, bluetooth or USB connectable devices and apps. Telehealth services “virtual house calls” are only a click away. However, in order to do so, you should first obtain medical devices that are compatible with the DockedIn telemedicine site.

Imagine this… Your child wakes up with a stuffy nose, cough, congestion, and a skin rash. You have trouble obtaining an appointment with your child’s doctor and you don’t want to neglect your work/office by sitting in an urgent-care or emergency department waiting room.

What to do? You or your loved ones can see a medical provider at any time of the day from the convenience of your or their school, home, office, hotel or where-ever else you or they might be.

DockedIn can provide primary care and specialist Telemedicine services for:

  • Non-emergent medical conditions: Respiratory infections, cold and flu, bronchitis, sinus problems, ear infections, pink eyes, allergies, skin rashes, urinary infections, etc.
  • Short-term prescriptions: If appropriate, the medical provider can write a short-term prescription and send it to a pharmacy of your choice.
  • Travelers: Whether on vacation or traveling for work, or traveling internationally.
  • Electronic health records (EHR): DockedIn provides a free EHR that stores your personal health information in one secure place online. You can use this to keep your personal health information up-to-date and share with your healthcare providers.

DockedIn enables you to care for yourself, manage your personal records, coordinate family, friends and medical providers by creating an account for yourself and your loved ones.

To create an account with DockedIn, all that you have to do is enter some information about yourself, your email account and password. It is that easy.

You can add information to the EHR in each DockedIn account that you control. The information that you store is available to only you and the medical providers whom you select.

A Note of Caution: DockedIn is NOT APPROPRIATE as a substitute for the regular care of your personal doctor or if you have a serious medical emergency.


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